Virtuolink Wholesale Roaming


Virtuolink™ – Advanced GSM Wholesale Services!

North America is the hub of the telecom world. We at Virtuolink have full U.S. coverage — and we’re continuously adding coverage in other markets.
If you’re an international provider, we can help you to sell mobile services in the U.S. Our GSM platform was designed to meet the needs of ex-pat clients. Our wide range of services will give you everything you need to operate as an international provider in the U.S. GSM market.
By leveraging our platform, you can sell U.S. SIM's that are accessible from any mobile phone. Will tailor the connectivity for your overseas facilities, i.e. transparent integration with foreign access number and VOIP connections to your VOIP switch. We help you to be a  leader in your market and to capture a  coveted market share, enabling higher profit margins. By offering unsurpassed quality and competitive rates, we provide the tools needed to be successful.
If your client base  makes calls mostly from the U.S. to foreign countries, you can now provide them with quality, economically priced U.S. SIM cards. These SIM cards will facilitate calls from foreign countries to the U.S. and from their mobile phone in the U.S. to A-Z international termination. You’ll find that this will suit your globetrotting clients.

We give you full control:

  • Manage every aspect of the platform from your facilities
  • Provide customer care, billing and more
  • A customer service management system to answer clients’ inquiries
  • A billing system with Instant Call Detail Records (CDR) over the web
  • Monitor usage using convenient criteria
  • Activate batches and individual SIMs instantly
  • Automatically invoice for activation


What do we offer?

  • Wholesale U.S. GSM and Global service with Full coverage in North America (Mexico U.S. and Canada)
  • Wholesale Global services with over 450 networks globally
  • Full blown services including Voice, SMS, Data and tailored USSD capabilities
  • Transparent Call through IDD capabilities
  • Visitor local number dialing
  • Ability to issue your own SIM with Multi IMSI functionality
  • Integration with VOIP to and from Virtuolink Switches and facilities.
  • Full access to  customer management and provisioning capabilities
  • Wholesale and retail billing capabilities.