M2M (Machine-to-Machine)


Virtuolink M2M Services


Value proposition to Partner / M2M service providers

Virtuolink provides a seamless wireless connectivity to its secure USSD platform in the U.S. and Canada. Virtuolink's unique wholesale offering allows our customers the flexibility to deliver mobile based monitoring applications on GSM networks. This results in increased productivity and lower service costs for domestic and trans-border fleet and mobile asset operators.
With the benefits of “always-on” high-reliability wireless USSD signaling capabilities. Operators can offer affordable, real-time tracking and monitoring services for businesses and government agencies in the U.S. and Canada. The Virtuolink USSD system is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of users and applications, including fleet management, parcel tracking, elderly emergency services and more.

The Connectivity, Technology and Services You Need

Virtuolink is a one-stop shop for OEMs, service providers, enterprises and operators who want to connect and manage devices. Virtuolink does much more than simply enable connectivity for your wireless M2M business. Using our SIM, we provide nation-wide coverage throughout our wireless network. We also provide software-as-a-service management tools and professional design and certification services that accelerate your deployment of connected machines.

Reach New Markets Easily and Efficiently
Virtuolink has direct partnerships with leading operators in the U.S. and around the world. We offer you one provider with local service—globally. A single SIM card provides you with local coverage in every country throughout the Virtuolink network. You can expand your business and enter new markets easily without juggling terms, SIMs and support from multiple service providers.

Manage Operations Profitably
With the software-as-a-service Virtuolink Control Center, you can manage every aspect of your business using a real-time dashboard. Automated provisioning lets you simplify operations for profitable growth.

Achieve Faster Time to Market
Virtuolink offers design services to assist you with device and application deployment. Our strong network of technical partners and wireless expertise enables you to design advanced M2M solutions with the best proven  practices that are ready to go. To further speed up your time to market, Virtuolink provides certification and performance analysis services. Your device can be certified and optimized for the global Virtuolink network within just four weeks!

Key capabilities and commercials


More than just low rates

M2M is an All-in-one machine 2 machine solution, that features:

  • USSD based transaction capabilities
  • 2 way transaction capabilities customized to partner/ customer requirements
  • Embedded support for Voice, SMS and data services
  • Full access to provisioning and billing capabilities.


Virtuolink unique offering based on USSD
We utilize USSD protocol that allows for the transmission of information via a GSM network. It offers real time connections during a session. A USSD message can be up-to 140 alphanumeric characters in length. USSD messages allow interactive services between the applications hosted by the Mobile Operator. These messages are composed of digits and characters that allow communication of information/access services from the mobile device and the service provider Via the Virtuolink network. The Virtuolink USSD is a session oriented service that can support a 2 way sequence of exchange of information. It is faster than data GPRS. The Virtuolink USSD gateway supports an open HTTP interface. Virtuolink USSD gateways are interfaced with the MSC over SS7. It uses MAP to receive and send USSD data from the HLR. We support 2 modes: