About Us


Virtuolink enables global network operators to capitalize on Smart roaming opportunities


Founded in 2008, Virtuolink is a privately held company based in Wichita Falls, TX USA.

Virtuolink provides advanced comprehensive mobile roaming services to MNO's and MNVO's and the wholesale market. We have the benefit of GSM FCC licensing in the U.S. and in the international GSM market. We are a member of the GSM Association. Our aim is to let you focus on what's important for your buisness, customer aquisition, ARPU and retention.

We have the advantage of being able to to offer our customers advanced GSM services in the U.S. market and beyond.  We have the ability to issue SIM cards with U.S. based ISMI addresses.  You will benefit from our national roaming agreements with all the North American national operators. We have the ability to provide new solutions against exorbitant international roaming fees. Virtuolink has developed attractive solutions to these complex problems. Our platform offers all the opertor services your company may need with  flexiblity and economically, (organization, billing, network, international presence) and access to the SS7 network/interconnect network.    

The Virtuolink platform enables network operators to quickly and efficiently service their global roaming market, and for their Roaming customers to optimally run their connected device businesses. The company partners with network operators around the world.
  Virtuolink developed an innovative approach to creating and maintaining global roaming networks and providing a mission critical working environment for its strategic clients.

Powered with the Virtuolink SmartRoaming platform, these operators deliver advanced roaming services to companies requiring services for both traditional roaming and SmartRoaming applications with multiple Local MSISDNs in global partner networks.

Partner operators benefit from a solution that addresses their end-to-end needs: a proven customer acquisition engine, an unparalleled customer platform, and an operator platform that maximizes margins.

Customers of operators who offer a Virtuolink SmartRoaming-powered solution get a turnkey solution that enables them to launch, run, optimize, and expand their connected device businesses most efficiently.

The Virtuolink solution is delivered in a cloud-based service model which provides both operators and customers with fast time to market and continuous innovation.